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The smaller designs of the Grand Surprise, Surprise and Sprinto also demonstrate Archambaults commitment to becoming a leading name in cruiser-racer yachts, reflecting the quality and design that Archambault have become famous for. Wessex Yachts Sales are part of the dedicated Archambault network of dealers who can help customers to purchase their boats in the specification they want and set their boats up to make the very best of these superb regatta boats. To view the full range of these race winner yachts along with the up to date results and information go to www.ayechts.co.uk. Neilson offer an unrivalled selection of active holidays year-round in ideal locations across the world. Whatever your holiday choice - you can simply relax as hard as you like. Flotilla, twin centre villa-flotilla and learn to sail holidays in Greece and Croatia.

Whatever type of yachting holiday you're looking for, whatever your experience level, we have the perfect option for you. Windsurfing, dinghy sailing, biking & diving holidays for all experience levels. Enjoy a fully inclusive RYA tuition programme learning new skills or improving your existing skills using the best equipment in a fun & safe environment. Skiing holidays and snowboarding holidays in carefully chosen resorts in Europe and North America. Beach Plus A softer style of active holiday where you can be as active or as relaxed as you like.

We can arrange yacht deliveries anywhere in Europe. Have a skipper and crew deliver your boat to Turkey or go with the skipper and build up your hours. We have experts who can do GRP repairs here at Plymouth Yacht Haven. We are delighted to announce the arrival of the first Archambault A40RC into the country in March and look forward to following her successful racing season. We are very pleased that Alex Pajot has joined Wessex Yacht Sales Ltd and will be working from the Brighton office as a yacht broker and new boat salesman.The Wessex team are looking forward to a great sailing season.

In early November the 2007 Southampton Boat Show Dufour 525 left Plymouth for her final trip in UK waters heading to the docks in Southampton. She headed out as one of the most complete boats that we have ever commissioned. Generator, air conditioning , Bose surround sound inside and out and even the washer dryer were all tried and tested before she left. She is due to arrive in the British Virgin Islands any day now to start here winter in the sun! Good luck to her and her owners who I am sure will have some great adventures to come. If you would like to know more about our custom fit outs or the rest of the range of cruising and racing boats please contact the office.

We will be displaying 2 of the Archambault range at the forthcoming Southampton Boat Show in September. With over 230 Grand Surprise launched in the past 3 years the class has huge momentum, the class is now growing in the UK and some fast exiting class racing should appear. Her smaller sisters are also following suit, with the 21ft Sprinto and 25ft Surprise adding to Archambault family in the UK. The A35 needs little explanation to those who follow the major racing scene, nor her bigger sister the A40rc. To those not up the performance market, they have proved over the past 2 years that speed, ease of handling and balance all have made this yacht a winner.

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Things to Consider When Purchasing a Yacht

Purchasing a yacht can be both an exciting and scary process at the same time. Dreams of big parties, fantastic vacations, and days exploring the ocean can be countered with the cost of the investment in both the short term and long term. However, as long as the right considerations are made when purchasing a yacht, there really should be nothing to worry about. Read on to discover some of the considerations that should be taken onboard before making a purchase of a yacht.

Pre-Purchase Considerations

Of course, there are many considerations that should be thought about before making a purchase of a yacht. Your budget, whether to go for brand new or pre-owned, where to purchase from, and the type of boat will have to be considered greatly. Each of the above is big steps as a yacht never comes cheap. Getting them right is of paramount importance and should be thought about long and hard before a decision is made. Also, all documentation and fees, licenses and insurances should be paid up to ensure there are no hiccups further down the road.

Consider the Benefits of Owning a Yacht

One great benefit to having your own yacht is that parties can be held, friends and family can be impressed, or London girls can be entertained. A yacht is a status symbol that shows just how successful a person is and is a luxury that many people will never be able to afford.

Girls will instantly be impressed at the sight of a yacht and will know straight away that they are entertaining somebody that has done very well in life. This will ensure that they treat their clients even better than they usually would due to being in awe of the wealth of the person.

All London ladies will ensure that any time spent with them on a yacht will be one to remember. Whether through companionship, a date for a hosted party, or for some simple relaxation time, an appealing lady will do everything possible to stay by your side and provide you with the type of entertainment needed.

Maintenance of a Yacht

The expense of owning a yacht does not just end with the purchase as it will have to be maintained regularly. This does not just mean cleaning it from time to time and will include maintenance on the engine and all other functioning parts. There are many firms that will be able to help you with this and they will offer varying prices depending on what needs to be done and the size of your yacht.

Owning a yacht not only provides a readymade vacation that can be taken at any time but it will also elevate your status among friends and relatives. Along with partying with friends, family, acquaintances, and glamorous girls comes the responsibility to take good care of what is an investment however, so staying on top of this will ensure that many more years of parties and vacations can be enjoyed.